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Joint Issue with San Marino - La Rocca o Guaita Issue number
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© Slovak Post, 2007 Passing through Contrada dei Magazzeni, or Contrada dei Fossi, we quickly reach an altitude of 751 m., from where we can admire a view of unlimited boundary. The fortified nucleus, of the first turret´ s pentagonal shaped base rests directly on the rock and is considered as one of Italy´ s most ancient turrets (dating back to the 11th century), it consists of a central turret and two circles of walls; the external wall is decorated with merlons and is a remnant of the original wall of defense. Opposite the entrance door, on the small square we can admire a sculpture of B. Marabini, and the cannons donated to the Republic of San Marino by Switzerland in 1989. Once, one of the Republic´s Baroque coats of arms stood over the entrance, it was then transferred to the Public Palace´ s lobby. Pieces of artillery can be seen in the courtyard: the two cannons donated by Vittorio Emanuelle III. still today fire blanks on feast-days. Inside the internal wall stands the bell tower, probably from the 16th century and the „Penna“ turret, dating back to the 2nd half of the 15th century. Some of the fortress´ s cells where up until 1970 used as prisons. The small Church of St. Barbara is situated on the left. Built during the 60´s of the 20th century, the stone pediment which lies above the entrance door, dates back to medieval times. AASFN, San Marino

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