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Art – Jozef Baláž, Illustration from the Book Seven-coloured Flower Issue number
FDC 434
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T2 1000 g responds to the rate of postage of the 2nd class up to 1000 g - domestic servis. © Slovak Post, 2008 Jozef Baláž (14. 3. 1923 – 6. 7. 2006) – academic painter, graphic artist, illustrator, doyen of Slovak stamp designers, merited artist, and a significant personality of Slovak art and culture. He grew up artistically surrounded by significant Slovak painters such as Ján Mudroch, Gustáv Mallý, Jozef Kostka, Koloman Sokol, and Dezider Milly. Jozef Baláž, a student of Professor Ilja Beškov, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1954. Entering the artistic scene with...

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