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Roman Legions in Trencin Issue number
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Latin wording of the Roman inscription in Trenčín: VICTORIAE AVGVSTORV(m) EXERCITVS QVI LAV GARICIONE SEDIT MIL(ites) ...L(egionis) II DCCCLV (Marcus Valerius) MAXIMIANVS LEG(atus) LEG(ionis) II AD(iutricis) CVR(avit) F(aciendum) Translated: To the victory of emperors and the army that resided in Laugaricio, numbering 855 soldiers of the 2nd legion, dedicated by M. V. Maximianus, legate of the 2nd supporting legion. Monumental Latin inscription on the castle rock dated 179 A.D. is a unique monument of its kind on our territory. By this inscription the armies under the reign of Marcus Aurelius and his son Commodus immortalised their victory over Germanic Quades in...

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