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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our new Internet site which has undergone a dramatic change. The main goal of the new visualisation was to simplify its contents and make it more attractive on one hand, and harmonize the website design with other Internet websites of Slovenská pošta, a. s. This is part of a corporate identity strategy. The greatest news is the opening of an e-shop, an Internet shop with the entire range of philatelic products. E-shop is one of the ways to simplify purchasing postage stamps and philatelic products, not only in Slovakia but also abroad. For clients who prefer a traditional form of ordering our products via purchase orders, we have „downloadable“forms with the option of further use of classical stamp subscription service.

What else is new?

In the section KATALÓG (CATALOGUE) you can find detailed division of products by types, year of issue, topics and issue sets. You can find especially issue plans of postal stamps and postal stationery by years with the stamp pictures which may be downloaded in PDF format. Stamps and products may be searched also by authors who are ordered alphabetically. The catalogue contains also a search engine enabling you the search of a specific product by entering any word or a year. The pictures may be enlarged as before and in addition so that, you can use the new „virtual magnifier“to be able to view the picture in detail. After you register on the website you can comment on any product. You may add it to your „favourites“or throw it directly to the basket if you decide to buy the product. The business transaction can be made in only three simple steps.

In the section BLOG we will inform you about prepared or organized exhibitions, philatelic events and interesting facts from the area of philately. You can join this section with your reports, articles and opinions. You will, of course, be able to communicate with us using the new Pofis forum. Its goal is to respond to your questions on-line and react to your comments.

We hope that our new website will be interesting for you and it will provide you with all the basic information which you need for collecting and exhibiting philatelic material. Wishing you good spending time with us in the virtual world of philately.


  • Semanick Nov 05 2010 @19:18

    I thoroughly enjoy your new web site layout. I have in my possession every new Slovak stamp since 1 Jan 1993. I also have printed all postage cards, FDC cards ,as well as "Information" on each stamp offered by POFIS. I have one question: Why is there no "Information" on Dahila Issue #416, Cultural Heritage of Slovakia Issue #467, Winter Olympics Games Issue #468 and President Issue #469 ? Thank you for this web site especially for we Slovak Americans in the USA. I have roots in OLSOV- SARIS.

  • Monika Podolská (POFIS) Nov 06 2010 @17:47

    Dear Mr. Semancik,
    we are wery happy you like our new web site.
    The information on issues are from the information card in the FDC and for the stamp Dahlia we didn´t issue any FDC. But for the stamps 467, 468, and 469 there is not missing the information on the subject.
    When you open any stamps, on the right side you can choose to read "Information" , "Specification", "Authors" or you can add your comment on the stamp.

  • Semanick Nov 14 2010 @23:33

    Thank you so very much for the update on the "Information" for the three stamps. These must have added after I attempted to print them. I now have all the "information" printed on all stamps to this date. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico with Slovak roots in Olsov, Saris. I have visited your beautiful Country & Olsov 4 times since 1998. Throughout Slovakia I met many wonderful people. The Mayor (Albin Bucko) of Olsov in 2001 made me an honorary citizen for my donations to the village

  • Semanick Jan 12 2011 @19:01

    As a Slovak - America in the USA I frequently use your new web site. How do I bring up the "Index Program For 2011" which lists all the new stamps prior to issue? Thanks for any assistance. Pete

  • Semanick May 08 2012 @03:52

    I have sent 4 e=mail messages about telecom.gov.sk/extrene/znamky being a year behind in their web site showing the stamps creation. I was wondering when this web site will be brought up to date. I enjoy printing each stamp shown as I have all new Slovak stamps from the 1993 start. Any help will be greatly appreciated. It is as if that office doesn't seem to care about the public. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Monika Podolská (POFIS) May 08 2012 @08:56

    Dear Mr. Semanick,
    Please, send me your address and we will send you some fliers about our stams.
    On our website in Catalog - Issue program you can find all already issued stamps of this year and also stamps with prepared designs. There is already also the issue program for 2013. If you have more questions, please, do to hesitate to contact us on

  • Semanick May 08 2012 @23:20

    Monica: Thanks for the reply. I will send an e-mail on your e-mail address. Pete

  • geoffwl Mar 06 2014 @08:31

    What is the procedure for ordering corner blocks? Are there imprint blocks or control numbers on the sheets of stamps? I hope to hear from you soon. Geoff
    PS I like the stamps of your country very much, the mineral stamps were my favorite issue from last year!

  • Monika Podolská (POFIS) Mar 06 2014 @08:39

    In the shopping cart you can add a note with your whishes for corner blocks and write you whish a corner with imprint. If there are some imprints and they are available, we will prepare your the order according to your NOTE.

  • geoffwl Mar 06 2014 @08:50

    Thank you for such a quick response! Geoff

  • geoffwl May 17 2014 @23:27

    On April 24, 2014 I received an email stating that my order
    420140418001 had been posted. It is now May 17th and I have still not received the order-could you please track the package to see where it is? Thank You, Geoff Lind

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