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The 75th Anniversary of the Tragic Events in the Municipalities of Ostrý Grúň and Kľak Issue number
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The special anti-partisan unit Edelweiss, which was involved in operations in Slovakia, participated during World War II in the brutal slaughter of civilians from the municipalities of Ostrý Grúň and Kľak. The unit attacked Ostrý Grúň on 21st January 1945. In total, they killed 65 people in the house of Izidor Debnár and other dwellings. Those murdered by the fascist unit included children, women and elderly people. After the bloody massacre in Ostrý Grúň, the group of drunken murderers invaded the neighbouring municipality of Kľak, where they murdered another 83 people. Their youngest victim was Jozefínka Haringová, who was only three...

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