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Sights of our Homeland - Dobšinská Ice Cave Issue number
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Dobšinská Ice Cave is located in the Slovak Paradise National Park in the Spiš-Gemer karst, in the cadastre of municipality Dobšiná. Cave entrance is on the northern slope of the Duča Hill at elevation of 969 m, near the village named Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa. It was discovered on June 15, 1870 by Eugen Ruffiny accompanied by Gustáv Lang and Andrej Mega.     The cave was formed as a part of bigger complex, the so-called Stratenská Nappe, by the river Hnilec in the Middle Triassic pale Steinalm and Wetterstein limestones, along the tectonic faults and interbed surfaces. Dobšinská Ice Cave was formed...

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