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T2 500 g responds to the rate of postage of the 2nd class up to 500 g - domestic servis. © Slovak Post, 2008 Professor Eugen Suchoň (25.9.1908 Pezinok – 5.8.1993 Bratislava) was a Slovak composer, pedagogue, and theorist, one of the most notable members of the founding generation of the Slovak ‘modernist’ movement in music. He studied the piano, composition, and conducting in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.His extensive palette of work includes the solo piano compositions Baladická suita (Balladic Suite, 1936), Malá suita s passacagliou (Little Suite with Passacaglia, 1931), Metamorfózy (Metamorphoses, 1952), Toccata (1973) and Elégia (The Elegy...

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