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There is hardly a country without a dog breed represented within the hound group. Slovensky kopov belongs to this group.
Besides other well-known hound breeds, Slovensky kopov has been bred in Slovakia for centuries. It has specific characteristics, maybe as a result of isolation from common hound predecessors.
The breeding of Slovensky kopov was first considered after the end of World War I. Koloman Slimák, an important figure in Slovak cynology, initiated the first meeting of hounds in order to select the first suitable pair for breeding. Despite the temporary break caused by World War II, breeding developed and produced results in a special hound breed. The standard was acknowledged as a separate breed early in the 1970s.
Slovensky kopov is not very sturdy; it has a height range from 45-50 cm (40-45 cm), and typically a black coat with brown to mahogany marks. The breed is extremely fierce; therefore it is used mainly for wild boars and vermin. It has a highly developed sense of orientation Slovensky kopov follows a fresh scent unwaveringly for several hours. However, it is also good at tracing shot animals. Nevertheless, Slovensky kopov is not a kennel dog. It works best when hunting individually. Despite its typically fierce character and temperament, Slovensky kopov is a cuddly and friendly companion.
Currently, the Slovensky kopov is the highest-bred hound in Slovakia. On average, 300 - 400 puppies are registered annually. During the last ten years, there has been great international interest in this Slovak national breed, particularly from Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Poland, and countries of the former Yugoslavia. Jozef Šuster

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