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Biennial of Illustration´s Bratislava Issue number
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© Slovak Post, 2005 Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) is an international competition and show of original children books’ illustrations. The work used as the stamp design is an illustration which was awarded a prize by an International Committee at BIB 2003. In all, 311 illustrators from 38 countries presented their works at BIB 2003. The BIB 2003 Grand Prix was awarded to Iku Dekune from Japan. The awarded illustration, however, does not portray typical features of Japanese illustrating tradition. This artist’s work has more the characteristics of European illustrations. The influence of the author’s tutor, prof. Dušan Kállay, is clearly visible in her work. Kállay’s importance is evident in the author’s perception of illustration, in the poetry, fantastical aspects of her creative work, in the clearly shaped sense of delicate and agreeable humour. Often human or zoomorphic figures with their own nature and character appear in her coloured pictures. The pictures often have their own precise architecture and perspective, at other times solid blocks encompass depth by a combination of light and shadow, offering differing inwards and outwards perspectives. The artist creates cosy and intimate milieu. Contrasting flatness and almost decorative illustration is another significant feature of her works. The FDC portrays an illustration by prof. Dušan Kállay, our internationally most famous and reputable visual artist. His works are a final shape of absolute artistic vision and perception of the world underlined by exceptional imaginativeness. His sense of fantasy is portrayed in purposefully deformed compositions of figures, animals or birds joined in a labyrinth of lines interwoven in endless structures. All this documents the artist’s simultaneous coltishness and mysteriousness. In this way the works of a tutor and his trainee can be compared – the trainee being the follower of the creative thoughts and visual promotion of a certain style, whilst maintaining her own artistic identity.

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