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The Woods of SR - Primeval Forest of Dobroč Issue number
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“Dobročský prales” is located in central Slovakia within “Veporské Vrchy” mountain range, and sub-range “Balocké vrchy”. It occupies north-western forested slopes in the background of “Brôtovo” valley, altitudes between 700 – 1005 meters. The complete development of the growth lasts 400 years. The ground substrate contains crystallinic minerals, among them slate-type granites and granodiorites. The reserve has prevalent fir-beech growths, that are enriched locally by other five forest types. The dominant tree species are fir, beech, pine and rarely maple, elm, aspen and ash. There also occur several herbal and animal species typical for Carpathian forests and an unique mollusc &ndash...

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