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Farm of Chinese-Czech-Slovak friendship Issue number
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     The China-Czechoslovakia Friendship Farm was founded in June 1956 after the Czechoslovak government gave 670 items of agricultural equipment to the People’s Republic of China. It was initiated by the Chinese premier, Zhou Enlai, who visited Czechoslovakia in the spring of 1956. At that time, Prime Minister Viliam Široký presented the Chinese delegation with Czechoslovak produced farming equipment, mainly tractors made by Zetor Brno, to help China develop its extensive agriculture. For this reason, the “China-Czechoslovakia Friendship Farm”, which covers 268 km2, was founded 200 km from Beijing in Cangzhou county, Hebei province. The short Chinese name is “Zhongjie”. As the Chinese farmers did not know how to use the machines, a group of seven professionals, led by a car mechanic, Václav Nádraský, were also sent to China. There they trained a group of workers in the operation and maintenance of the equipment. 

     In 2006, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the China-Czechoslovakia Friendship Farm, a memorial was built in Zhongjie. It was based on a proposal by the former President of the Industrial Park, Lv Zhenhua. The memorial is the subject of the design of this postage stamp issue. On the side of the pedestal, there is a letter of thanks from Premier Zhou Enlai engraved in Chinese and English. Its translation goes as follows:

Dear comrade Viliam Siroky,

Please allow me to extend appreciation to you and the government of Czechoslovakia that has presented our country with a 670 sets of agricultural machinery for the construction of a state farm as well as seven specialists the installation and operation of these agricultural machines. I am pleased to tell you that the Chinese government has decided to equip a state farm located in Huanghua County of Hebei Province with these machines. We shall name the farm „Sino-Czech(oslovakia) Friendship Farm“ in commemoration of your great kindness. 

The establishment of this farm will provide excellent opportunities for the exchange of advanced experiences in agricultural production between the two countries. The friendship between the peoples of the two countries will therefore be further developed. 

Dear comrade, I avail myself of the opportunity to express to Your Excellency the assurances of my high consideration.

Sincerely yours, 

Zhou Enlai, July 31, 1956 in Beijing

     In 2007, the “Zhongjie Friendship Farm” was renamed the “Zhongjie Industrial Park”, where the “Zhongjie Nitra Winery” was recently founded. A recent result of the long-term cooperation with Slovakia is the recently announced investment into the mass production of the AirCar flying car. A Chinese investor bought a manufacturing licence from its designer and constructor, Štefan Klein.  

Ma Liping, Zhongjie

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